Bike Safety Tips For Kids

As the weather warms up and kids start riding their bikes again, there are a few safety tips to remember to help your kids stay safe while riding.

1.) The Right Bike

Putting a child on a bike that is too big for them is a big risk for injuries. Many safety sites recommend that children under five should still be riding tricycles and that children 3rd grade and under should have coaster brakes.

To make sure that the bike fits the child have your child stand over the bike with feet firmly on the ground. There should be at least a 1-2 inch gap between your child and the top bar.

The seat should be adjusted so that there is still a slight bend at the knee to reach the pedal at its farthest point. Another tip is that both training wheels should never touch the ground at the same time. The wheel will not get enough traction for the brakes to work properly.

2.) Helmets

Helmets are very important. They can reduce the risk of head injury by 85% and severe brain injury by 88%. A good way to encourage your children to wear a helmet while riding is to be the role model and wear one yourself!

The helmet should sit level on the head. There should be two fingers’ width between the eyebrows and the helmet, and it should fit snugly all around. The y straps should be just under the ears. Make sure these are not twisted up.

When purchasing a helmet look for the CPSC sticker and also look for bright colored ones. The bright color will help motorists see your child.

3.) Riding

Always supervise your child while they are riding. Make sure they do not have loose fitting clothing that could get caught in the chain or spokes. Never wear flip-flops. Always have your child wear a sturdy pair of shoes.

Put the bike away at dark.

Teach your kids to ride with traffic, stop at corners and pay attention to cars pulling out of driveways.

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