Swanton Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Most people do not consider parking lots a hotspot for dangerous car accidents.

In reality, crashes occur in garages every day. Nearly one in five car accidents takes place in a parking lot.

This is because individuals are typically in a hurry to get reach their destination. They may not take the same precautions they would on roadways due to a false sense of security and may be looking at their phones. Such behavior could cause accidents that potentially result in serious harm to pedestrians and other drivers.

An experienced Swanton parking lot accident lawyer could help you and your loved ones seek the compensation you deserve if a negligent driver hurt you. By thoroughly examining the facts of your case, a dedicated car collision attorney could help you determine the best path forward.

Common Causes of Car Crashes a Garage

There are many different types and causes that might lead to a parking lot accident, which may include:

  • Drivers not following the standard rules of the road
  • Drivers engaging in aggressive driving and road rage
  • Drivers pulling through to the spot in the next lane, so as to avoid having to back into a parking spot
  • Drivers failing to check their blind spots when reversing out of a parking space
  • Drivers in parking lots striking shoppers, bikers, or pedestrians

If a driver’s negligence played a role, they may be held liable in a court of law. To learn more about whether a person’s carelessness caused an accident, it may be beneficial to speak with a parking lot accident lawyer in Swanton.

Comparative Negligence Laws

Ohio operates under the comparative negligence rule, which considers the contributing negligence of all parties involved in the crash. If a plaintiff is determined by the court to be partially at-fault, they may have their damage award reduced by the percentage of fault they share. This is typically the case for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or any other personal injury. Ohio law goes a step further by completely barring recovery for those who are more than 50 percent at fault.

A Swanton parking lot accident attorney could help combat any claims the defense might make that the plaintiff’s own negligent conduct should bar their recovery of personal injury compensation.

Statute of Limitations for Filing an Injury Claim

Ohio requires personal injury plaintiffs to file their claims within two years of the date the injury took place unless the plaintiff discovered their injury later. If there was a reasonable delay in the discovery of an injury, the person might have a longer window to file a claim.

A Swanton attorney could work with a parking lot accident plaintiff to make ensure their claims are filed within the required time limit.

This could prevent them from losing their right to receive compensation for their injuries from the negligent party.

Consult an Experienced Swanton Parking Lot Accident Attorney

A skilled Swanton parking lot accident lawyer could defend and preserve your rights despite the circumstances that led to your injuries or whether you believe you may be at-fault. To start on your claim, call today to set up a free consultation.

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