Preventing Child Accidents In The Home

Protecting your family from falls can prevent bruises, broken bones, or even death. Keep all top floor windows closed or protect them with bars if you have small children. Never keep furniture that can be climbed on in front of windows. Put safety gates at the top and bottom of every flight of stairs to prevent little ones from falling. Keep stairways uncluttered and especially keep the tops of stairways clear of anything that could be tripped over. Area rugs should have non-slip mats installed underneath them and loose carpeting should be tracked down immediately.

Poisoning is a dangerous household accident that is totally preventable. Keep dangerous substances such as household cleaners, paint thinners, antifreeze, pesticides, medicines and anything that is dangerous to ingest locked up in a secure location. Common substances such as mouthwash, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products are also very dangerous poisons that should be kept out of reach of children. Even laundry detergent and batteries are deadly poisons. Keep the phone number of the poison control center posted near your phone because time is of the essence when it comes to accidental ingestion. Never induce vomiting unless you are instructed to do so by the poison control center. Keep a bottle of Ipecac syrup in your medicine cabinet at all times.

Choking is a hazard that mostly affects children. Keep the floor clear of all small objects that could be swallowed. Keep items that could have small parts chewed off of them out of reach and never leave small children unsupervised. Tie up any cords from blinds and don’t let your child play with ropes, ribbons or long pieces of string. Throw away any plastic bags immediately to prevent suffocation. Supervise small children while they eat and steer clear of food items such as peanuts and hot dogs. Be sure you and your family members know the Heimlich maneuver.

Stay aware and be vigilant when it comes to home safety. The most tragic accidents are the ones that could have been prevented. Adequate supervision is the key with children. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur.

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