Port Clinton Bus Accident Lawyer

A bus collision can result in serious injuries, both to the passengers on board as well as people in other vehicles, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. If you have been involved in this type of crash, a Port Clinton bus accident lawyer can investigate liability to determine whether you could be eligible for compensation from one or more parties.

If the negligence of the bus driver or another person or entity was behind the crash, you could be entitled to a wide range of potential damages. A skilled attorney can manage your case with competency and work hard to get you the best possible results in your personal injury claim.

Common Factors Impacting Liability in Port Clinton Bus Collisions

Bus collisions often occur due to one of several common negligent factors. Driver negligence is one of the leading causes of severe transportation vehicle wrecks, whether the crash involves a tour, city, commercial, charter, or school bus. For example, a bus driver who is speeding, under the influence of alcohol, makes an improper lane change, or drives too aggressively could cause a severe accident. In these circumstances, the bus driver or the company that hired them could be legally liable for injuries or property damage from a crash.

Sometimes, outside factors apart from the driver’s negligence can contribute to a bus accident. A disorderly passenger could distract the bus driver, causing the driver to hit another vehicle or object. Sometimes, poor road conditions, faulty bus equipment, negligent maintenance and inspection protocols can lead to a collision. For these incidents, the bus company, a maintenance worker, or the government could bear legal responsibility for an accident.

Because there can be numerous factors behind a bus wreck, liability can sometimes be challenging to determine. For this reason, it is often best to hire a seasoned Port Clinton legal professional to handle a bus accident case. They can investigate the details of the crash and how it happened in order to determine which individuals or entities could be liable for the claimant’s injuries and damages.

Bus Crash Injuries and Compensable Losses

Depending on the impact of the crash, a bus accident can result in very grave injuries, to both passengers and other drivers. When a bus collides with a vehicle or object, passengers may be thrown from their chair, hitting the floor or the seat in front of them. They could sustain broken bones and head, neck, or back injuries. If the bus collides with a car, passengers inside the much smaller motor vehicle could likely be in grave danger of injuries such as concussions, spinal cord trauma, soft tissue injuries, and nerve damage.

Individuals who sustain injuries in a bus crash could be entitled to an array of compensatory damages. For example, a Port Clinton legal representative could help someone recover bus crash damages such as medical bills, property damage, and wage loss. Someone injured in a bus wreck could also be eligible for a wide range of non-economic forms of compensation, such as pain and suffering, mental distress, and emotional anguish damages.

Deadline to File an Injury Claim for a Port Clinton Bus Wreck

Ohio Revised Code § 2305.10 contains the statutory deadline for most personal injury claims filed in Ohio, include those involving bus accidents. Under this statute, a person has two years from the date of the personal injury to file a lawsuit against the responsible individual or entity, or else they forfeit their right to compensation.

Request Legal Advice from a Port Clinton Bus Accident Attorney

If you suffered harm in a recent crash, you should speak with a Port Clinton bus accident lawyer who can provide you more information about your legal rights and options. They can explore the facts of your crash to assess whether the bus driver, company, owner, a local government entity, or another third party could be liable for your injuries and damages. Call a dedicated attorney today to receive your confidential case evaluation.

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