Point Place Apartment Injury Lawyer

Although you would expect landlords and apartment building owners to take proper care of their facilities and ensure that they are up-to-code, this is not always the case. Many apartment complexes in Point Place have unsteady handrails, cracked cement and walkways, and faulty stairways. This can pose a serious threat to tenants and visitors of the building.

Under the Ohio law, apartment owners are responsible for keeping apartments and common grounds safe and habitable. If they fail to do so, and the result is a serious injury to a tenant or visitor, there could possibly be a lawsuit filed. If injury does occur, it is imperative to take a photo of the unsafe conditions in the building before the apartment owner attempts to remedy the problem.

Contact an Apartment Injury Attorney

If injured in a slip and fall accident at a Point Place apartment complex, contact a Point Place apartment injury lawyer. Damages can be received for injuries that occur on apartment grounds to help with medical expenses, any loss of wages, and pain and suffering.

If you were injured because of unsafe conditions at your apartment complex, contact our office to begin the claims process. We will help you receive a favorable settlement for the injuries sustained from the incident.


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