Perrysburg Disabled Vehicle Accidents

There are disabled vehicles on the sides of Perrysburg roads all of the time. When passing a car that is parked on the side of the road, drivers usually do their best to avoid the vehicle by getting in a different lane or by reducing speed when passing.

Sometimes these vehicles are disabled on a busy highway which can make it more difficult to avoid. Ohio law does not allow motorists to park their vehicles on highways and streets, stating that vehicles mustn’t be on the paved or traveled part of the road.

Ohio Revised Code §4511.66 states that no car or truck can be parked in an area that prevents other drivers for using the road or street. Any stopped vehicle must be visible to traffic from a distance of at least 200 feet.

The owner of the disabled vehicle is responsible for removing the vehicle from the roadway. If the owner does not remove the vehicle from the roadway, it can be considered a misdemeanor under Ohio law. If the vehicle is in the roadway and then causes an accident with other motorists, the owner of the disabled vehicle is deemed responsible for any damages associated with the accident. Andrews v. Davis (2000), 140 Ohio App. 3d 707 (Ct. App. 1st. Dist.)

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