Oregon Child Bike Accident Lawyers

Young children cannot be held negligent for accidents that they are involved in. Those under the age of seven are considered unable to consider the consequences of their actions. So, if a young child is involved in an accident while riding their bicycle, and they are injured by a car, the driver of that car can be held liable. Experienced Oregon child bike accident lawyers can assist you through filing a lawsuit.

When a person is driving through an area with a high concentration of children, it is their responsibility to do so with caution. If a child is hit by a car while riding their bicycle and is injured as a result, the parents of the child are able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. The lawsuit could be for both physical and emotional injuries, as the stress of a serious accident can weigh heavily on a young child.

The parent’s lives are also affected by the accident. They may have to alter their lifestyle to care for their child or they can have medical bills piling up. By filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver, they are able to help their child receive damages for their injuries.

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If your child was hit by a car while riding their bicycle, contact our Oregon child bike accident lawyers today. We can work with you to help make sure those that caused the accident are held accountable and your child receives the settlement that they deserve. Contact a child bike accident attorney in Toledo.

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