Insurance Traps after an Ohio Motorcycle Accident

Signing documents before consulting an Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer could negatively impact your motorcycle claim. When representatives of insurance companies ask you to sign certain documents shortly after you have been injured, there is a chance that they are doing so, in order to interfere with your claim.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can stop the insurance company from having any contact with you. Your attorney can gather your medical records and present only the information that has to do with your case to the insurance adjuster. Do not delay in contacting a legal advocate that can protect you from insurance traps after an Ohio motorcycle accident, and can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

How Do Insurance Companies Trap People?

One of the insurance traps after an Ohio motorcycle accident that insurance companies often pull is, asking individuals to sign authorization forms that allow them to access all of the person’s medical records. They will pass it off as something that’s routine and necessary for individuals that wish to pursue a case, however, that is not true.

What they do not tell people is that signing authorization forms allows them to dig through an individual’s personal medical history which has nothing to do with the person’s current motorcycle accident injuries. This not only violates a person’s privacy but could damage their case.

Drawbacks of Rushing Into a Settlement

Rushing into a settlement with an insurance company could cause serious financial harm to a person and their family. Another one of the insurance traps after an Ohio motorcycle accident that companies will pull is, trying to contact people who have been injured in an accident or the family members of those who have been killed within a few days of the accident in order to settle the claim quickly.

The money may look good at first when an individual is lying in a hospital bed unable to work. Individuals also may be eager to put the incident past them and might want to focus on healing and spending time with their family. The problem is that once a person settles a claim, it is settled forever.

Even if the person ends up being more injured than they initially thought, they will not receive more compensation. Even if a person’s initial injuries result in permanent impairment, by settling, the individual is ensuring that the company will not have to give them any compensation beyond the settlement costs.

Contact an Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You might be unsure of what a fair settlement should be. An experienced Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer understands the many different factors that go into evaluating the value of your claim. Settling the claim too quickly could cause you and your family significant financial harm, and can negatively impact your standard of living in the long term.

Do not rush to settle the case. Just inform the insurance adjuster that you are going to consult with an attorney to make sure your rights are protected. Speak to a skilled personal injury attorney that can advocate for you.

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