Lima UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

FedEx and UPS delivery trucks are very common, and they can create dangerous situations with other vehicles and pedestrians. You may have seen yourself how big mail trucks can park in dangerous ways.

If you have been in a collision with one of these vehicles, our team of Lima UPS and FedEx delivery truck accident lawyers could help you with the next step.

These are both huge corporations and fighting against them for compensation can be daunting. Let a skilled personal injury attorney advocate for you or your loved one to take the burden off your shoulders.

In Ohio, the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident. Contacting legal representation as soon as you have been involved in an incident could ensure your case has the best possible chance at recovering damages.

Lima Mail Delivery Driver Negligence

Under Lima law, negligence means that someone has breached their duty of care while driving, causing injury to another person. An attorney who practices in mail delivery vehicle crash cases must present evidence in four areas:

  1. Standard of care: a driver must take reasonable precautions not to cause injury
  2. Breach of that standard: the negligent conduct causing the accident
  3. Proximate cause: the connection between that conduct and injury to another
  4. Damages: losses the injured party suffered because of the driver’s conduct

There are many ways a FedEx or UPS delivery driver could breach the standard of care. For example, if they are under an intense deadline to deliver packages, this could cause drivers to speed or operate their truck aggressively. Drivers could also lack adequate training or drive while exhausted or impaired. Also, while bad weather should increase vigilance, if corporate policies require timely deliveries, drivers may neglect to take the precautions necessary in poor road conditions.

A Lima legal advisor with experience in FedEx and UPS truck accidents knows the burden of proof and the evidence necessary to prove a defendant’s negligence.

Litigating a Case Against FedEx or UPS

The injured party must be sure to file a lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident if they want to recover damages. They must also prove two parts of their case: liability and damages.


In reference to liability, the plaintiff must prove the elements of negligence discussed above. Once they have established that the FedEx or UPS delivery driver is responsible for the incident, a lawyer can then present evidence of damages.


Both vehicle and pedestrian accidents involving delivery trucks can be devastating events. Since trucks are so large compared to automobiles, the impact can cause severe and even permanent injuries. In a personal injury lawsuit, a plaintiff can be awarded money for all losses connected to the accident. This includes unpaid medical bills, lost wages, damages for pain and suffering, and any future expenses. For instance, if the injury is disabling, a court may award damages for future lost wages if the plaintiff will be unable to return to work or for any medical care they will need for the rest of their life.

A legal representative familiar with these kinds of crashes could present proof in the form of documentation, such as medical and police records, expert medical, forensic, or eyewitness testimony, and the plaintiff’s evidence of how the injury has impacted their life.

Contact a Lima UPS and FedEx Delivery Truck Accident Attorney Today

You can imagine that these companies routinely fight these personal injury cases in court, considering that they have hundreds of these trucks on the road. A Lima UPS and FedEx delivery truck accident lawyer is ready to build a strong case and advocate vigorously for you.

Call today to discuss your situation and let an experienced attorney evaluate your case. There is no need to be intimidated by huge corporations when you have knowledgeable legal guidance on your side.

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