How Do I File A Claim For A Work Injury?

Workplace injuries can be very serious issues. They not only affect your physical and emotional health, but also your financial well-being. If you were injured while at work and have suffered physical pain, call our work injury attorneys immediately.

There are different types of claims you may be able to file after a work injury. A lawyer can guide you through the legal process, ensuring that you are following the correct process when filing your work injury claim.

Work Injury Claims in Ohio

Temporary Total Disability – the type of claim our attorneys see most often; a worker is injured on the job and has to stay off of work for a short period of time. A temporary Total Disability claim helps to make up for the wages that are lost during that time period.

Watch this video to learn more about temporary total disability claims.

Permanent Partial Disability – if a worker sustains physical or mental injuries that will affect them forever, but they may be able to work, a permanent partial disability claim would be their option. The compensation awarded is based on the percentage of their impairment. A lawyer can help you ensure that you receive the total compensation that is deserved.

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Permanent Total Disability – If the work injury is so serious that working is never an option, a permanent total disability claim would be filed. This type of claim results in a lifetime of compensation based on the average weekly wage of the state and Social Security benefits.

Learn how to obtain permanent total disability in this post.

Ohio Work Injury Attorney

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