Snow Removal Company Seeks Compensation from Healthcare Company

Our client, Green Sweep, Inc, is a snow and ice removal company in Toledo, Ohio. ProMedica Health System, Inc. hired Green Sweep to remove ice and snow at its commercial parking lots, which are used by the healthcare company’s customers, patrons, and operators. Despite entering into a contract with our client, ProMedica failed to pay Green Sweep for its services. Thus, we are pursuing a lawsuit to obtain the money owed to our client.

Payment Refusal

In September of 2018, Green Sweep and ProMedica entered into a contract for snow removal and de-icing services for 17 different facilities, all owned by ProMedica. Our client provided these services for four days in November of 2019 and sent invoices to ProMedica, but the healthcare company failed to make payments for the services rendered. Green Sweep’s president called the health care company several times, but these phone calls did not yield any payment.

Still owed for the 2019 services in September of 2020, our client sent a collection notice to ProMedica, but the company still refused to pay. To date, ProMedica has a past due balance of $54,629.18. The company is in breach of contract, as our client has performed all contractual obligations and billed ProMedica accordingly. Consequently, Green Sweep is seeking a trial by jury to recover $54,629.18, with interest at the legal rate from the accrual date to the date paid.

An Attorney Can Assist with Collection from Uncooperative Clients

Trying to collect payment for services rendered can be a hassle when the other party is not cooperative. The attorneys at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices have experience dealing with uncooperative companies and can negotiate on your behalf to secure the compensation you are owed. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you collect payment from your clients.

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