Pursuing Compensation for Man Crushed Between Two Vehicles

In late November of 2018, our client and his wife were parked in a driveway while dropping off their two dogs for grooming services. As our client was standing behind his car unloading the dogs from the trunk, a negligent motorist backing into the driveway trapped him between the two vehicles.

Upon hearing our client’s screams, the defendant pulled forward and released our client’s body from where he was stuck. Immediately after the accident, he was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. It was later discovered that the negligent driver did not have adequate insurance to cover our client’s injuries.

Pursuing Damages for our Client

The defendant had a duty of care to operate his vehicle in accordance with state laws and take proper caution to prevent the injury of others. He failed to uphold these duties when he crushed our client with his car. As a direct result of this driver’s negligence, our client sustained serious injuries to his left knee and left leg, for which he had to undergo extensive medical care.

Our client has incurred significant medical costs as well as other economic damages such as lost wages due to his injuries. He will also suffer future medical costs, as his injuries are believed to be permanent. Additionally, our client has experienced pain, suffering, severe mental anguish, and emotional distress that will likely continue in the future.

Our client’s wife has sustained losses as well. She has suffered a loss of consortium and diminished quality of life, as she has been unable to partake in daily activities with her husband due to his impairments. On behalf of our client and his wife, we are seeking compensation to cover all their damages.

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