Motorist Sues For Injuries Sustained in a Roundabout Car Collision

Early in the morning on December 12, 2019, our client was driving in the inner lane of a roundabout in Lucas County when a negligent motorist traveling in the outer lane struck the passenger side of our client’s vehicle. The Toledo Police Department arrived at the scene of the crash and issued the at-fault driver a citation for a marked lanes violation. Meanwhile, our client was taken to the hospital for treatment. This preventable car accident caused our client significant harm, and we are working with them to fight for justice.

Establishing Liability and Assessing Our Client’s Damages

All drivers are required to follow traffic laws, and the defendant is no exception. The at-fault motorist violated state and local laws, which constitutes negligence per se. Had that motorist stayed in their lane, the accident would not have happened, and our client would not have suffered damages.

As a result of this unfortunate collision, our client sustained severe injuries to their jawbone, neck, shoulders, back, hip, and pelvis. We believe these injuries are permanent, meaning our client will require long-term treatment. In addition to physical pain, our client has suffered from needless mental anguish and emotional distress. On behalf of our client, we are seeking financial compensation to offset the physical, emotional, and psychological pain they have endured.

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No one expects to get involved in a car collision. Auto wrecks can happen at any given place or time. These unexpected accidents can cause severe injuries to drivers and passengers alike. If you or a family member were injured in a car accident, we sympathize with you. Reach out to our experienced legal professionals at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices to learn about how we could help you pursue your case.

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