Injured Toledo Bicyclist Sues Negligent Motorist

On the afternoon of September 29, 2019, our client was riding her bicycle in Lucas County, Ohio. As our client lawfully attempted to cross the street, a negligent motorist pulled forward and struck her. After the accident, the Toledo Police Department arrived and cited the negligent driver for violating the right-of-way at a stop sign. The Toledo Fire Department also arrived and evaluated our client for injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

Establishing Negligence

The negligent motorist owed a duty of care to operate her vehicle in accordance with state and local laws. However, she breached this duty by violating traffic laws. As a direct result of the negligent driver’s actions, our client suffered severe damages, including injuries to her head, neck, and total left side of her body. Our client also incurred economic losses, as she had to seek medical care for her injuries.

Additionally, our client suffered severe mental anguish, emotional distress, and pain as a result of the accident. She believes these economic and non-economic damages are permanent in nature and will require future medical care and costs, along with causing continued distress.

Due to the damages outlined in this case, we are seeking an award greater than $25,000 for our client, including interest, reasonable attorney fees, and other forms of relief that a court may deem appropriate.

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Collisions between automobiles and bicycles could have severe consequences, including broken bones, concussions, or death. These damages often require the injured party to seek medical treatment, which could result in expensive medical bills and lost wages.

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