Injured Motorist Seeks Damages Following Roundabout Collision in Toledo

In early July of 2020, our client was traveling on Berdan Avenue in Toledo, Ohio, when she approached a roundabout. As our client approached the traffic circle, they yielded to the right-of-way and came to a stop. Unfortunately, the driver behind our client failed to stop, causing a rear-end collision. The other motorist’s negligence caused our client to suffer severe injuries and damages, and we aim to help them fight for their right to compensation.

Establishing the Negligence of the Other Driver

When the defendant violated traffic laws by failing to maintain a safe distance from our client, it demonstrated a breach in the duty of care. Our client has sustained serious injuries to their neck, back, and head as a direct result of the other driver’s negligence.

This rear-end collision caused our client to suffer significant financial losses as well as emotional trauma. Because we believe the at-fault motorist should be held accountable for their actions, we are seeking compensation to cover all our client’s injuries and damages.

A Lawyer Can Help You Handle Your Car Accident Case

Many people are unaware of their legal rights after a car accident. If you are unsure whether you have a valid claim, it would be beneficial to speak with a lawyer. A legal representative could help you understand your options and give you an idea of how your car accident case may develop.

At Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, we will assess your claim and stand by you during all legal proceedings. Reach out to our dedicated attorneys to learn more about how we would pursue your case.

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