Big Lots® Employee Sues For Injuries Sustained During Ashley Furniture Delivery

On January 16, 2020, our client, an employee at Big Lots® in Lucas County, Ohio, sustained injuries while monitoring an Ashley Furniture delivery. As Ashley Furniture employees opened the delivery truck, one of their employees knocked a 75-pound headboard off the back of the trailer onto our client’s head and shoulders. Following the accident, our client was taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Our client suffered serious injuries and unnecessary harm due to the employee’s negligence. Consequently, our attorneys at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices are seeking compensation on our client’s behalf.

Assessing Our Client’s Damages

The Ashley Furniture employee had a duty to complete deliveries with caution and keep everyone safe in the process. Additionally, the company itself is responsible for the actions of its employees. Due to the negligence of Ashley Furniture and its employee, our client suffered severe injuries, including injuries to her head, neck, and shoulder. She also incurred great pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress.

Our client suffered significant financial losses due to lost wages and medical bills stemming from her treatment. She believes that these injuries are permanent and expects these economic losses to persist.

If the Ashley Furniture employee had shown an appropriate level of care, our client’s injuries and damages could have been avoided. In this case, we hope to secure compensation to cover all our client’s current and future damages.

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