Coney Island Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

If there’s one thing that Ohioans identify with in the summertime it is visiting the state’s amusement parks. It seems that there is a coaster destination within a few short hours from any city in the state, making it such a great tradition for families to have. If you have been injured at the amusement park contact Coney Island amusement park injury lawyer.

Coney Island, located in Cincinnati, is a park with classic rides, live shows, and a pool for everyone to relax at. While it is not as large as Cedar Point, this park still has fun rides for people of all ages.

What many don’t know is that even when a ride seems like nothing but fun, it can have dangerous results. Amusement park injuries are more common than people realize, as some have left Ohio parks with broken bones and head injuries.

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