Case Results

CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT – Man T-Boned By Truck Suffers Near Arm Amputation

Our client was driving home from work when a truck failed to yield at a stop sign and crushed the driver’s side of his SUV. An eyewitness to the crash who was traveling behind the truck stated that the truck never stopped, instead running right through the stop sign into the intersection and colliding with our client. Knocked unconscious and bleeding heavily, our client was trapped in his vehicle with his left arm nearly amputated. The entire driver’s side of our client’s SUV was crunched in, and the interior of his car was covered in blood. The eyewitness happened to be a nurse. She was able to use a belt as a tourniquet, potentially saving our client’s arm or even his life.

It took approximately ten minutes for emergency crews to cut our client out of his vehicle. Upon being extracted, our client was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on his arm. He ultimately underwent three procedures to repair the damage to nerves and muscles. Some of these involved transferring tendons from his wrist area to another part of his left arm to regain mobility there. Unfortunately, that tendon transfer permanently reduced our client’s ability to use his left hand. After all these surgeries, our client has large scars zigzagging across his left arm – a constant reminder of the terrifying day that a truck came out of nowhere and changed his life. He still suffers from tingling and pain in his arm, and his activities are impaired as a result of the accident. In addition to the arm injury, our client suffered back and neck pain, along with numerous other cuts and abrasions to his body.

Our office filed a lawsuit in federal court against the truck company and its negligent truck driver. After obtaining documents related to the truck company and defending our client’s deposition, the case settled at a court-facilitated settlement conference for an undisclosed amount of money.

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