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$90,000 Settlement – Woman Suffers Torn Shoulder Tendons in Workplace Injury

In 2012, our client was working as an assembler at a manufacturing plant in Forest, Ohio, when she sustained serious physical injuries. On the day of this accident, she was working to take apart a fixture on a press operating machine when she felt something pop in her right shoulder. Following this incident our client believed she had just pulled a muscle, but her neck, arm, and shoulder all began to swell and turn purple. This prompted our client to seek medical treatment. Upon following up with a doctor, our client was diagnosed with two torn tendons in her shoulder, two ruptured discs, and neck sprain. Due to the extent of her injury, our client was required to undergo a surgical procedure to repair the injury to her shoulder. As a result of the accident our client was unable to work for a significant period of time which put a financial strain on her as not only did she not have an income, but she also incurred a substantial amount of medical bills that she would not have had otherwise.

We were contacted by our client shortly after the accident to assist her in her recovery. We pursued a workers’ compensation claim for her and ultimately settled that claim for obtain a satisfactory amount.

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