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86 Year Old Grandmother Mauled by Pitbull While Walking to her Grandson’s House

Our 86-year old client was walking to her grandson’s home when she was viciously attacked by a pit bull. The unattended dog was unleashed and roaming its yard when our small, elderly client walked past the owner’s home. The dog ran off the property and attacked our client from behind, knocking her over and began mauling her right leg. Good Samaritans who happened to be outside at the time, ran over to help the elderly woman. As the dog was set to charge again the dog’s owner opened the door and called the dog into the home. Our client was left bloody and maimed waiting for help to arrive. Toledo Police and the life squad were called to the scene. The Toledo Police arrived first and rendered aid to our client. EMS then arrived and administered Fentanyl to help ease our client’s excruciating pain. She was then taken to St Vincent Hospital where she was found to have a large area of skin degloving, which is medical terminology for skin that is completely torn off the underlying tissue severing its blood supply. Due to the degloving, our client’s right lateral shin around to her calf exposed subcutaneous and muscle tissue. Our client was hospitalized for three days for pain management and to monitor her loss of blood. Due to the severity of the bite wound, our client’s skin was not salvageable and there was extensive muscle and nerve damage. Upon discharge from St Vincent Hospital our client required assistance from home health care. Post-discharge she then continued treatment with the trauma clinic, plastic surgery and wound care.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices was retained and immediately set to work investigating the dog and its owners. Boyk Law requested reports from the Lucas County Canine Care & Control and The Toledo Police Department, with both reports evidencing the vicious attack. The dog’s owners were then contacted to obtain policy limits through their homeowner’s insurance carrier. Boyk law was able to get the insurance company to come to a quick resolution and settled for $101,000.

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