Current Cases Dog Bite Injuries

$ 300,000
Policy Limits Dog Bite Settlement

4-year-old girl is bitten in her face by aunt’s dog while playing in 2016.

$ 300,000
$300,000 Settlement – Two-Year-Old Girl Viciously Attacked by Relative’s Dog

Our young client’s aunt had a dog, and while the young girl was playing with it, the dog snapped, viciously biting the girl in her face.

$ 200,000
$200,000 Settlement – Woman and Her Service Dog Viciously Attacked by Unleashed Dog

In January 2014, our client was walking her service dog in the alleyway behind her home in Perrysburg, Ohio when she and her dog were viciously attacked by another dog. As the pair made their way down the alley, the dog, belonging to the defendant,…

$ 150,000
$150,000 Settlement – 24-Year-Old Woman and Her Dog Viciously Attacked by Friend’s Dog

In February 2019, our client was invited to a friend’s home to enjoy an evening of watching movies.

$ 101,000
86 Year Old Grandmother Mauled by Pitbull While Walking to her Grandson’s House

Our 86-year old client was walking to her grandson’s home when she was viciously attacked by a pit bull. The unattended dog was unleashed and roaming its yard when our small, elderly client walked past the owner’s home.

$ 100,000
$100,000 Settlement – One-Year-Old Attacked by Family Dog

In 2016, our one-year-old client was with her mother visiting her grandmother when she was bitten by the grandmother’s dog. Our client’s mother had placed her on the floor with a bottle when the grandma’s dog took the bottle from her. When the child attempted…

$ 100,000
$100,000 Settlement – 11-Year-Old Bit by Dog While on Camping Trip With Family

In 2018, our young client was staying at a campground with his family when he was attacked by a dog. While at the campground, our client had befriended another camper around the same age. As the two were playing, our client asked if he could…

$ 100,000
$100,000 Settlement – United States Postal Worker Viciously Attacked by Great Dane

In October 2013, our client, a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, was delivering mail on his regularly scheduled route when he was attacked by a dog. As our client was walking, the Great Dane approached him and began to viciously attack him,…

$ 100,000
$100,000 Settlement – Grandmother Attacked By Pitbull On Her Way to Visit Grandson

In 2019, our 89-year-old client was walking to her grandson’s home when she was attacked by a pit bull. As our client passed the home of the defendant dog owner, the unleashed dog, which had been left unattended, knocked our client over and viciously attacked…

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