Boyk Law VIP Key Tag Program

Protect Yourself & Your Family by Joining Charles Boyk Law’s VIP Program

It has happened to everyone, you’ve misplaced your keys. Did you leave them at the coffee shop, or on the counter? What would you do if they fall out of your pocket in a parking lot? Or worst case scenario, they fell overboard into the ocean? – Charles Boyk Law can help.

Take it from Rebel Coombs. He was fishing off the coast of North Carolina when a wave crashed into him and swept away his keys – To make matters worse, the newlywed’s wedding band was attached to the keyring for safekeeping. Luckily, he was part of Boyk Law’s VIP Program.

When the keys washed up on a Cape Hatteras beach 4 days later, they were found by a good Samaritan who saw the Charles Boyk Law VIP key return tag on his keyring and contacted our office. Rebel not only recovered his keys but his wedding band as well.

“I cannot express the relief,” Rebel said. “Not only was it my keys, but my wedding band was on one of the rings so it wouldn’t slip off [my finger]. And I lose it. Go figure, huh? The wedding band is one of a kind that my wife and I found in a very small boutique in St. Augustine, Florida.”

Rebel’s wife Lisa was a Boyk client. “I can’t begin to tell you how important those keys are!” Lisa exclaimed after our office contacted her.

Charles Boyk Law offers a reward to the Good Samaritans who return lost keys to our office using our VIP Program tags. It also offers other perks, including – FREE family and small business contract review; FREE insurance policy review; FREE notary service; and FREE entry into Boyk Law contests!

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