Family Outreach Community United Services (FOCUS)

Founded in the traditions of faith and service, Family Outreach Community United Services (FOCUS) is a community based agency called to embrace people in need, bring voice to the voiceless, and restore hope and dignity to the forgotten. FOCUS fosters the skills that enable people to gain control of their lives and their futures by providing the necessary steps to emerge from homelessness and poverty, and gain economic and social stability.

In 2011, FOCUS provided housing to over 130 families, including nearly 250 children, at a cost of $13 per person per day. In addition, our Front Door Ministry provided emergency food and service referrals to another 6,800 individuals. Affiliated with the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB), FOCUS is able to link people to real time resources and applications for assistance, as well as guiding low income households in preparing and submitting taxes and FAFSA forms, all at no cost to them.

To learn more about the work they have been doing for over 30 years now, please visit their website at, or call (419) 244-2172.

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