Feed Lucas County Children

Feed Lucas County Children, Inc. (FLCC), founded in 2002, combats child hunger in Lucas County. We are neither a food bank nor a food pantry; rather, we actually prepare meals for children. FLCC offers free, hot balanced meals seven days a week to children whose family income falls below the poverty level. Funding comes from private donors, businesses, grants, churches, and federal money. We are the umbrella to over 80 agencies in Lucas County for food. The addition of educational components enhances each site’s success. Our meals provide a base for successful tutoring programs.

  • 2010 –2011, 392,472 meals served at 105 sites (24) Schools, (7) Community Centers, (22) Parks, (23) Non-profit organizations and (29) Churches.
  • 93% of all donations go directly into the program
  • Toledo is the 10th poorest city in the U.S. PLUS 30,116 CHILDREN live below the poverty level in Lucas County


1. Supplying hot balanced meals to 7,210 of the 30,116 at-risk children throughout the county

2. Part of only 3% of the summer food sponsors that offer hot balanced meals in the state of Ohio

3. Top 1% of the largest sponsors in the state within 8 years

4. Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives visited to gather ideas from our proven track record to utilize in other counties

5. During the February 2009 Food Summit, we announced meals for after-school programs initiated October 1, 2009

6. Collaborate with additional agencies regarding the need for food to families within Lucas County

7. Charity started with no major funding or seed money.

8. FLCC is an excellent example of collaboration in action

9. Recognized by USDA and ODE as providing one of the healthiest menus in the state of Ohio for local schools and organizations

10. Produce measurable results each year

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