Accidents Caused By Large Trucks

22 Factors Frequently Cited for Contributing to Accidents Involving Large Trucks

1.) Rushed deliveries
2.) Driver fatigue, exhaustion, or lack of sleep
3.) Improperly trained or inexperienced drivers
4.) Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
5.) Aggressive driving
6.) Drivers wit a history of dangerous or reckless driving
7.) Speeding or driving too fast for road conditions
8.) Oversized or overloaded vehicles
9.) Unsafe reflectors, lights or other safety equipment on vehicle
10.) Poorly maintained brakes
11.) Poorly maintained vehicle
12.) Driver error
13.) Blind spots
14.) Drivers stress resulting inattention
15.) Backing carelessly
16.) Shifting loads
17.) Drugs
18.) Spilled loads
19.) Sudden stops
20.) Overturning trucks
21.) Failing to inspect
22.) Driver distracted by cell phones or on-board computers

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