Yaz Settlements Amount To Over $1 Billion For 2012

Yaz Settlements Amount To Over $1 Billion For 2012

With nearly five thousand settlements and more than $1 billion paid out, Bayer’s revenue report for 2012 is probably not what they want it to look like. With some litigation still pending, the total is expected to be closer to $1.5 billion, and there will still be more lawsuits regarding the negative side effects that Yaz has had on women.

Negative Side Effects of Yaz

The lawsuits against Yaz include allegations of the following side effects:

Filing a Yaz Lawsuit

Those that have filed lawsuits against Yaz believe that Bayer should have known the risks associated with the contraceptive. They believe that compensation is due for the pain and suffering that has resulted from the side effects, and some family members have even sued after their loved one’s complications resulted in death.

If you or a loved one has experienced any side effects from using Yaz or its predecessor, Yasmin, call one of our lawyers.

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