Workplace Violations That Cause Injuries


Is my employer responsible for my injury?

If you are employed in a workplace that has any of the below equipment or building aspects, you should pay special attention. Below is a list of the top 10 violations from OSHA that are frequently cited. These violations have the potential to cause serious injury to employees if they are not taken care of properly. Is your workplace violating OSHA in any way?

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Top 10 OSHA Violations

Presented by the National Safety Council

  1. Improper Fall Protection – designed to protect employees on walking/working surfaces with an unprotected side or edge above 6 feet.
  2. Hazard Communication – addresses the hazards of chemicals produced in the workplace and imported into the workplace.
  3. Scaffolding – outlines the general safety requirements for scaffolding. Employers are required to protect construction workers from falls and falling objects while working on or near scaffolding at heights of 10 feet or higher.
  4. Respiratory Protection – directs employers on establishing or maintaining a respiratory protection program.
  5. Electrical-Writing Methods – details the grounding of electrical equipment, wiring, and insulation.

If you have been injured at work due to any of the above reasons, you should call a work injury lawyer to handle your case. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for its workers, and if you were injured due to their failure to do so, you could have a legitimate work injury case.

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