Work Injury: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There were three individuals taken to the hospital on Thursday for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The three people that were taken to the hospital were working in a Sylvania home. They were suddenly overcome with high levels of carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide poisoning was allegedly due to a gas-powered concrete saw that was running inside of the Sylvania Township home. The individuals were taken to the hospital after the exposure.

While our office does not have many details surrounding this incident of carbon monoxide poisoning, or knowledge of whether or not the individuals were on-the-job at the time, we have listed the legal options the poisoned individuals could take below.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Work

If you have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning while at work, you should follow the below steps to file a work injury claim.

  1. Seek medical treatment

As seen above, the individuals exposed to the carbon monoxide were taken to the hospital. Anyone who finds themselves exposed to dangerous gases like carbon monoxide should seek medical care immediately.

  1. Call a work injury attorney

Carbon monoxide is very serious and can result in health consequences. Anyone exposed to carbon monoxide poison seeks advice from an experienced attorney.

  1. Keep your medical records

It is extremely important to keep your medical records on file for support to your claim. Keeping everything organized and filed from the beginning will help you in the long run.

  1. Document your injuries and required treatment

Keep clear documentation of the injuries or consequences to your health. Log the doctor’s visits, medical-related appointments, and keep all medical bills. These will help to make your case stronger.

Ohio Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorney

If you were exposed to carbon monoxide, call our office at 800.637.8170. Our lawyers will review the poisoning incident, answer any questions that you have, and explain the legal options that you have.

We will also give you a free case evaluation over the phone so you can have an idea of what the claims process will be like. Call today to speak directly to an attorney and learn about your options.

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