Who is Part of the Mesothelioma Treatment Team?

Who is Part of the Mesothelioma Treatment Team?

In an earlier blog, we reviewed the importance of being treated by cancer specialists; Surgical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologists, and Medical Oncologists, who are familiar with, commonly treat, and routinely are involved with clinical trials of Mesothelioma.

We also began to discuss the fact that once diagnosed you would be introduced to a team of healthcare providers who would coordinate with one another to create a care plan and overall strategy to treat you and the type of cancer that you have been diagnosed with. Along with the oncologists mentioned already they are few other important persons you will get to know as part of your team that will treat you.

Typically every medical doctor, regardless of specialty will have a Registered Nurse Practitioner on staff.  A Registered Nurse Practitioner (RNP) or sometimes called a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) is a registered nurse who has undergone advanced clinical and educational training which allows them to do certain things, similar to a medical doctor in any one of a given medical specialty. They often act to coordinate care across a number of doctors and other team members to keep communication and care at its best. Furthermore, because of their special training and advanced education Nurse Practitioners can direct and order care and write certain prescriptions which becomes necessary for patients who have a mesothelioma diagnosis whose care is complex and being performed by many parties at the same time.

A Fellow  is a qualified doctor in training in a specific specialty. In the case of you and your diagnosis for mesothelioma, you are likely to encounter a Fellow who is a physician training in oncology (cancer specialty) with maybe even a further specialization for just mesothelioma. A patient diagnosed with mesothelioma may first see a Fellow who evaluates and takes detailed information from you regarding  you and your diagnosis. He or she then will report their findings back to the attending physician (or doctor who is leading their training).

Sometimes part of your team will also include a Researcher. A researcher works with your doctors to accumulate and evaluate important information and data  to make sure that you and others are getting the best quality care. By accumulating this data and reviewing the data themselves with other medical professionals also treating, and seeking treatments for other mesothelioma patients, these important  researcher advance the overall success of treating mesothelioma.

These additional members of your care team are supported by many others who are directly or indirectly involved with your care. Each person from the lead doctors to the nurse assistants all seek one unified goal, to do all that they can with all the resources available to cure, or at the very least limit the cancer and make your overall diagnosis, prognosis and life better.

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