WARNING: Bike Helmets Sold At Toys R Us Have Been Recalled

Bell Full Throttle Bike Helmets, sold at Toys R Us stores nationwide and online, have been recalled. The helmets are hazardous due to a buckle on the safety strap that can release during an accident, causing the helmet to fall of the child’s head, increasing the risk for a head injury.

The company, Bell Sports Inc, will offer a refund for the estimated 2,500 all-black helmets that were sold for a price of about $60. There have been no injuries reported from the helmet, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission asks for parents to report any injuries or hazards that resulted from the product.

The recalled helmets have the UPC code 035011 937052 and part number 1009159 on the side of the helmet’s shell.

If your child has been injured due to this faulty biking helmet, our Ohio product liability lawyers urge you to call our office immediately. We can help you through this confusing recall and claims process in order to achieve compensation for the injuries sustained by your child.

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