Uninsured Vehicles Are Out There

There are many vehicles on the roadway today that do not have car insurance. Roughly one in seven drivers are driving uninsured. The estimated percentage for 2009 was 13.8%

The six states estimated to have the highest percentage of uninsured drivers are Mississippi with 28%; Alabama and New Mexico at 26%; Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida with 24% uninsured drivers.

“Despite laws in many state requiring drivers to maintain insurance, about one in seven motorists remain uninsured. This forces responsible drivers who carry insurance to bear the burden of paying for injuries caused by drivers who carry no insurance at all.” Elizabeth Sprinkel

People who do have insurance on their vehicles should carry the highest amount of uninsured motorist coverage available to them. In case if a crash with an uninsured or under-insured motorist, with the highest possible insurance, they will be protected.

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