The Right-Of-Way: Driveway Vs. Road

If someone would be driving down the road, whether it be on a busy roadway or in a neighborhood, and they are hit by a car that is pulling out of a driveway, who is at fault?

Surprisingly enough, this question has been asked several times. A recent fatal accident in Fulton County that involved a truck in a driveway and a motorcycle on the roadway is the prime example of the danger that this type of accident can bring. The truck failed to yield as it pulled into the road, causing the motorcycle to collide with it, resulting in the death of the man riding the motorcycle.

Pulling Out of a Driveway

If you are pulling out from a driveway into a road, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe to do so. While it is wise for all drivers to remain defensive on the roadway and we imagine we have all had near-misses pulling out of a driveway, the fact remains that if you were to cause an accident by pulling into the road from the driveway, it would be considered your fault.

If you were driving in your neighborhood and another vehicle pulled out of a private driveway, striking your vehicle, the at-fault driver would be the person operating the car in the driveway. This further strengthens the need for motorists to drive with caution and take their time when pulling into roadways.

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