Swimming Pool Accidents & Drownings In Perrysburg

Parents may be surprised at the disturbing statistics released by the Ohio Department of Public Safety regarding pool drownings. There are several children that drown or nearly drown in our state, with even more receiving treatment for pool related accidents. This is an issue we must address, teach our children the rules, and always ensure that they have a parent, guardian, or adult watching over them when swimming.

Some of the statistics released by the Department of Public Safety state that for every child that drowns, there are four more that nearly drown and are hospitalized. This is very scary to imagine as no one wants to think of their child being injured or put at risk. Another statistic releases is that for every near drowning, there are four other water-related emergencies involving children. This all adds up to hundreds of children being affected by swimming pool accidents.

The children that are admitted to the hospital for swimming pool near drownings face the chances of suffering neurological damage or death. Fifteen-percent of children involved in near drownings die, while Twenty-percent suffer permanent neurological damage.

The lesson parents must learn is to ensure that children are always supervised while in the water. If your child is enrolled in a day camp with supervised professionals, those professionals and the swimming pool staff should have their eyes on your child. If an accident occurs in the swimming pool, it can turn very serious, very fast.

If your child has suffered injury from a swimming pool related accident, call our Perrysburg swimming pool accident attorneys at 800.637.8170. With extensive experience and a personal connection to swimming pool accidents, our team will do everything in their power to help you receive the settlement deserved.

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