Swanton Boy Dies In Ohio ATV Accident

One doesn’t need to be an experienced Ohio accident attorney, that safety should be a primary concern anytime one gets behind the wheel of any type of motor vehicle. This is especially true for young children, including those that are not old enough to be operating (or riding on) a vehicle in the first place, as these individuals are more likely to become involved in devastating crashes resulting in serious personal injury or death.

Such are the circumstances surrounding a recent Ohio ATV accident that left one young boy dead.

According to a report made by law enforcement officials, four year-old Calvin Steeke was fatally injured on Sunday morning after being involved in an ATV collision. While most of the details surrounding the accident have yet to be released, authorities have stated that the four-wheeler overturned on top of the boy while he was playing in the family’s yard. Despite being immediately rushed to the nearby hospital by emergency medical crews, the young boy was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Cases like these serve as a prime example as to why young children need adult supervision at all times, especially while playing on/near with potentially dangerous equipment. For parents who have a child that has been hurt in an accident, the first step taken should be contacting a skilled Ohio child injury lawyer. Not only will experienced legal counsel assist in establishing liability, they can help distraught parents navigate the difficult insurance claim process. Don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options for your child, contact an attorney today!

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