Stryker Hip Replacements Gone Wrong

Stryker Hip Replacements Gone Wrong

Yet another hip replacement fail is on the rise. Stryker Rejuvenate and AGB II hip stems have been recalled, with lawsuits popping up across the nation. Originally thought to be better for the patient with a custom-fit system, the devices have instead caused ongoing pain and even immobility in the young patients that have received them.

Some patients that were under the impression that the Stryker Corporation was providing them with a replacement that was built specifically for them have instead found themselves facing lifetime disability. The devices are built from chromium, titanium, and cobalt, and are not considered to be metal-on-metal replacements like Depuy. But, that does not mean that the patients with these replacements have not been exposed to high metal toxicity in their blood stream.

There have been unfortunate tissue reactions to the Stryker hip replacements as well. These include pseudotumors, bone thinning, metallosis, and tissue death. Oftentimes patients have required follow-up surgeries to combat these issues.

If you have been a victim of the Stryker Corporation and their Rejuvenate and AGB II hip replacements, call our office for guidance. We can lead you in the right direction and help you on your way to receiving compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

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