Statute of Limitations Limits Survivors Ability to Seek Justice

Statute of Limitations Limits Survivors Ability to Seek Justice

In the state of Ohio, the statute of limitations for a sex crime is far too limited. Oftentimes when a sex crime occurs, it takes time for survivors to find the courage to come forward. In the state of Ohio, if survivors of sexual abuse would like to prosecute, they are almost forced to come forward immediately, or not at all. The statute of limitations limits how long a victim can come forward and prosecute against perpetrators. When Ohio limits its statute of limitations for survivors, it silences a vast population of people who, for a variety of reasons are unable to come forward.

Fighting to Extend the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assualt Cases

Survivors and allies have come forward in recent months pushing Ohio legislatures to revise the statute. The goal is to extend the statute of limitations, so the state can better support victims of these crimes. As it stands, Ohio provides a breeding ground for sex crimes, because of the lack of accountability the state has. In the new year, citizens hope to see this law revised, and for the statute of limitations to be expanded.

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