Speeding & Traffic Laws

Some roadways are designated as low-speed zones. These might include roads in areas with high pedestrian traffic, such as school zones and streets that have many intersections. Driving over the speed limit can put you and others at risk of harm.Six things that will keep you safe and help you avoid a ticket:

1) Basic car safety encourages you to obey the posted speed limit at all times. Speeding tickets are costly, and penalties for speeding can include fines, court appearances and loss or suspension of your driving privileges. Also, depending on your insurance policy, speeding tickets can impact your rates.

2) Never pass a stopped bus displaying a stop sign to its left; that’s a signal that children are crossing the street.

3) If you hear a siren coming behind you, that’s an indication that a police or fire truck is speeding by you, toward an emergency. If it’s safe, pull to the side, stop and wait until the vehicle goes by.

4) Horn honking is reserved for emergencies. It’s considered rude to use your horn for any other situation

5) Completely stop at stop signs and look for other drivers and pedestrians before you cross.

6) Use care when parking your vehicle. Always look for tow away zone or handicapped signs these areas are reserved for vehicles with special permits. Also, certain streets may have parking restrictions, and failing to follow instructions at a parking meter may result in a fine.

Some of the variables that may affect safe driving, like the weather, can’t be controlled. However, by staying alert, taking precautions, and following our safe driving tips you can avoid potential car accidents and tickets.

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