Spa Patron Burned During Laser Treatment

Delali Quarshie had insect bite marks on her legs. She went to a spa to a laser procedure done to remove them. As a result of this laser treatment, she had first and second degree burns on her legs. She now has to scare from her knees to her ankles and also suffers from depression and PTSD as a result.

Her medical expenses totaled $11,900. Quarshie then sued the spa and its owner, who performed the procedure, claiming failure to use the correct laser setting and negligent use of an open laser during the procedure, she also argues that procedure should not have been performed on someone with her skin type, and the owner should have tried it on a little patch of skin and then scheduled the appointment to do the rest of her legs two weeks later. The owner then argued that redness and blisters are a well-known risk of that procedure. The settlement was $300,000 paid by the spa’s insurer.

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