Southern Ohio Doctor Under Suspension and Criminal Investigation for Sexual Misconduct

A road and buildings in Yellow Springs, Ohio

A Yellow Springs family doctor has recently been suspended by the Medical Board of Ohio, for sexual misconduct. Dr. Donald Gronbeck a family physician, is under suspension and criminal investigation by the Ohio Attorneys General. This comes after multiple allegations of Gronbeck having sexual relationships with patients. Gronbeck is also accused of touching patients inappropriately, writing prescriptions for patients he was in a sexual relationship with, sending inappropriate messages and photos. The allegations stem from 2013 to the present, with eight patient victims, although the Attorneys General is still investigating.

When you go to visit a medical professional, a doctor, dentist, therapist, you trust they will act with the utmost integrity and respect towards you and your body. While this is the case for most medical professionals, there are individuals who break their hypocritic oath, violate the law, and betray their patient’s trust. If you think you have experienced sexual abuse from a medical professional, there are several options for reporting; file a report with law enforcement, contact the hospital, doctors’ office, or facility where you experienced the abuse, report the abuse to the state medical board, and/or contact an attorney who can help and advise you.

Our firm investigates cases of sexual assault, including those that involve medical professionals. While criminal prosecution and licensing board discipline can punish the medical professional, civil litigation provides an opportunity for predators to be held accountable to the victim. Financial compensation provides an avenue for survivors to heal and get the help they need. If you or a loved on has been a victim of sexual assault, please call our offices today.

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