Save Your Vehicle – Report Pot Holes In Toledo!!

The Toledo area experienced some intense weather last week. The inches of snow and ice that came down on the roads were plowed over and over again. Such action to the roadways causes significant wear and tear, resulting in dangerous potholes.

Our office addressed the issue of potholes last week once the weather started to subside. As soon as we were no longer on a snow emergency, there was a new worry – when the snow goes away, the potholes appear.

Potholes can potentially cause serious accidents, resulting in damages to your own vehicle and others. If a pothole causes you to lose control of your vehicle and hit another on the roadway, the result could be damage and injury – which you would be responsible for!

In our post, Potholes Cause Serious Accidents and Injuries, we reviewed the below:

  • What can a pothole do to my car?
  • How can I deal with potholes
  • What do I do if a pothole caused a car to hit me?
  • Driving safe among potholes

Reporting Potholes

The easiest way that you can prevent damage to your car and the future accident is to report dangerous potholes before they cause havoc.

The city is asking drivers who see potholes to report them by calling 419.936.BUMP.

While you may not be able to prevent all accidents, you have the opportunity to save someone’s vehicle (or your own), and prevent future injuries!

Our office asks readers to report any potholes that they see. This is the only way you can truly know if the city is aware of the pothole that is on your route to work, school, or elsewhere.

Injured in Pothole Accident

If you were hit by a motorist who lost control after hitting a pothole, call our lawyers. We will discuss the accident, the injuries that have resulted, and what your options are.

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