Preventable Injuries In The Workplace

There are many accidents that occur at work that should be prevented by the employer. Below are some of the top incidents in the workplace that are reported by the National Safety Council in an infographic that the organization recently shared.

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Preventable Workplace Injuries

  1. Walking into Injuries

Head, knee, neck, and foot injuries are common results when a person unintentionally runs into static objects such as walls, doors, cabinets, glass windows, and furniture.

Maintain a neat and tidy workplace, clearly, mark potential obstacles/hazards and train employees to be diligent in their surroundings.

  1. Vehicle Crashes

Employees who drive business purposes are often injured in auto crashes, some of which can be fatal.

Define safe driving policies with emphasis on distracted and defensive driving and provide employee safe-driver training.

  1. Machine Entanglement

Machine entanglement injuries typically occur in a factory where heavy equipment and machinery are used. Loose clothing, shoes, jewelry, fingers and unbound hair may become caught in machinery.

Provide protective barriers/equipment and train employees on how to recognize and secure potential entanglement hazards.

  1. Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motions such as typing and excessive use of the computer can strain muscles and tendons, which may cause back pain, vision problems, and cumulative trauma disorder.

Provide proper ergonomic equipment/training, encourage employees to take breaks to stretch and/or rest eyes and muscles, and where possible, cross train employees/implement a job rotation schedule.

  1. On the Job Violent Acts

Attacks caused by office politics and other personal arguments have led to serious physical injuries.

Provide violence training for employees and create communication channels for reporting suspicious activity.

Injured in the Workplace

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