Did Boyk Law’s injury accident pothole lawsuit result in $500k in road repairs?

City votes to spend half-million dollars one week after Boyk Law lawsuit

Toledo City Council finally voted to spend $500,000 to repair the potholes in the city and it’s hard not to wonder: did the push come from a recent lawsuit filed by Boyk Law last week involving a woman whose face was shattered after a Toledo pothole on Detroit Avenue caused a serious accident?

The day after the lawsuit was filed, local news agencies covered the story, including WTOL’s evening news expose on the dangers that potholes pose to the city. The Toledo Blade also wrote an article about the pothole suit.

The lawsuit claims that not only was the City’s Division of Streets, Bridges, and Harbors negligent in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing S. Detroit Ave./U.S. Route 24, creating a hazardous condition on the roadway, but the Division was also made aware of the exact pothole that our client struck, yet still failed to do anything about it.

Read the Boyk Law pothole lawsuit filed against the City of Toledo

On February 26, 2016, Maggie Vasquez-Cromer was on her way to work at The University of Toledo Medical Center when a gigantic, 5-foot wide, half-foot deep pothole blew out her right front tire, causing her to lose control of her vehicle, uncontrollably pull to the left across three lanes of traffic, and go over the curb on the opposite side of the street before striking a guardrail. She was cited by the Toledo Police Department for failure to control; a charge that was subsequently dismissed.

Due to injuries caused by the impact of the collision and the airbag deployment, Maggie was hospitalized for three days and underwent multiple surgical repairs of a bilateral jaw fracture and tooth fracture. She also suffered maxillary sinus fractures which could not be repaired since there were so many and since her face was shattered. Maggie still deals with migraine headaches and significant TMJ pain and is under the care of a plastic surgeon.

“It’s outrageous that one of our local government’s top priorities isn’t keeping the roads safe and protecting the Toledo citizens from injury-causing potholes in our city,” Attorney Chuck Boyk said. “We hope that the lawsuit sends a very clear message that we cannot afford to have unsafe streets for another winter, sacrificing the safety of the hard-working Toledoans who are just trying to make it to and from their jobs. The City stresses how important it is for payroll taxes to keep flooding in, but in order for people to work and pay taxes, they must be able to make it to their jobs in one piece.”

The goal behind every case we take and every client we help is to make sure the same situation never happens to anyone else. Boyk Law works hard to not only protect our clients and the community, but we also work to evoke change by reporting on the issues that are meaningful and important so that we can make a difference in the world.

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