Ohio Injury Lawyers Explain WhatTo Do When A Dog Attacks

One doesn’t need to be a skilled Ohio injury lawyer to know that being involved in any type of animal attack is a very scary experience. As the legal team at the Charles Boyk Law Offices deals with these types of cases on a regular basis, we believe that it is important for victims to above all else, keep calm if attacked.

The first thing you need to do if you are attacked is to make sure that the animal is contained and that you and any other victim is safe from another attack. Even if the dog seems to have backed off, it is an unpredictable animal and could attack again. Should you need seek immediate medical attention, dial 911 and allow the medical experts to determine the severity of your injury.

Try and get names and all of the contact information of potential witnesses as well as all of the information of the owner of the dog. These details are very important.

You should also take photos of the dog bite as well as any other injured area on your body. The key here is to take more photos than you think you need. The lighting should be good and you should be able to see your face in at least a few of the photos.

If possible, find out if the dog has been vaccinated or has any medical conditions or diseases.

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