Mother On Trial For The Assault And Death Of Step Daughter

As experienced Ohio accident attorneys and parents ourselves, the Charles Boyk legal team knows how devastating it can be when a child is injured in any type of accident. While most parents live to protect their children, some of the most horrific child injury cases our firm has seen involve a guardian that intentionally hurts the child.

An example can be seen a recent case of an Ohio woman who is currently on trial for the assault and killing of her young stepdaughter.

According to reports from law enforcement officials, 29-year-old Renee King sexually assaulted, abused, and murdered her 2-year-old stepdaughter, Lily Ferneaux-Wolfenbarger. Investigations by police showed that King used a blunt object to rape the young girl and then killed her with a strong blow to the head. An autopsy showed that the 2-year-old suffered severe injuries to her vaginal area.

Because of the details surrounding this case, the girl’s father, Jeffrey Wolfenbarger has since filed for divorce.

In cases like these, parental instincts naturally kick in. If your kid has been hurt in any type of accident (whether intentional or not), parents will absolutely need assistance from skilled Ohio child injury lawyers. Not only can knowledgeable legal counsel help answer many difficult questions, but they can also help establish liability and put a victimized family’s minds to rest. Don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options, contact an attorney today!

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