Every Parent’s Nightmare: Figuring Out What To Do After A School Bus Accident Injury

Every Parent’s Nightmare: Figuring Out What To Do After A School Bus Accident Injury

It’s the call that every parent dreads – there has been an accident involving the school bus that your child might be on.

Many parents received that call this morning after a car rear-ended a Sunshine Children’s Home school bus on Maumee-Western Rd in Monclova, between West Eckerly and Crissey. The road was closed for a short period of time, and the driver of the bus and a child were taken to a local hospital, although their names have not been released.
Anytime a child in injured an accident, it is imperative that the following steps be put into place:

1. Seek medical treatment for the child immediately. Even if the child says he or she feels OK, it is important for a doctor to rule out any potential injuries, especially if the child hit his or her head.

2. Follow all doctor’s orders. If the doctor recommends sleep, no school, physical therapy, or anything else, make sure that your child abides by the recommendations so that he or she can reach maximum recovery.

3. Document the accident. Photographs, witness statements, and crash reports will be needed to prove to the insurance company that the accident happened the way that it did.

4. Never sign anything without first consulting an attorney. The at-fault party’s insurance company will probably try and get you to sign a medical authorization and a settlement agreement as soon as possible. Doing this can accidently ruin a case and any settlement money your child may be entitled to, so it is important to have an attorney review the paperwork first.

5. Request your free copy of Little Kids, Big Accidents: The Ultimate Guide to Child Injury Accidents in Ohio. It was written by the attorneys in our office and provides a step-by-step guide on how to handle serious injury accidents involving children.

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