Mirena Side Effects Cause More Lawsuits To Be Filed

It has been alleged that the intrauterine device, Mirena, causes women side effects that they were not warned of. This has caused many to file lawsuits against the company as the IUD has reportedly been known to perforate the uterus and become lodged in the abdomen.

Many women that are filing lawsuits are claiming that they had not been warned that the device can move from the site and even cause ectopic pregnancy. Some women have required surgery to remove the device, making the risks associated with the IUD much more serious than the benefits of it.

Mirena is meant to prevent pregnancy in women by releasing synthetic progestogen, but it has allegedly migrated in women and has instead caused serious risks and side effects ranging from internal injuries to sepsis or abscesses.

If you had the Mirena IUD and it caused personal injury or put you at risk. Our attorneys will help you to file a legal claim for the risk this device put you in.

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