Mercedes Recalls Cars For Issue With Lights

Mercedes-Benz has recalled over 284,000 C-Class cars in the United States and Canada due to an issue with the rear lights.

According to 13 ABC News, the issue with the recalled Mercedes C-Class cars is that the rear lights can fail. This affects the following Mercedes AMG cars from models 2008-2011:

  • C300
  • C350
  • C63

The failure to the rear lights is allegedly due to corrosion on a connector. This then results in the brake or rear turn-signal lights to not light or to be dim. The failure of these lights to work properly significantly increases the risk for accidents as the drivers may not be as visible on the road, or their turn signals may not be relayed properly to other drivers.

The automotive maker says that if this issue with the lights does occur in a vehicle, the driver of the car will notice a warning message on the car’s dashboard.

Owners of these cars have been told to visit dealers who will replace the bulb holders for the lights as well as connectors that have rusted. This repair to the recalled cars will not cost the drivers any money, but the parts to make the replacements are apparently not going to be available until August or September.

It doesn’t appear that there have been any injures related to this recall yet. However, this type of issue can increase the chances of being involved in a car accident. We urge drivers to visit their dealership as soon as possible to ensure that their vehicles will not be affected and lead to a car accident.

Car Accident from Recalled Vehicles

This recall is just one among many that have occurred this year so far. Early in 2014 there were multiple recalls from General Motors, one of which resulted in the death of 12 individuals and several accidents.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident that occurred as the result of a recalled issue with a vehicle, contact an attorney as soon as possible. The attorneys at our law office have extensive experience in products and liability claims, as well as car accidents. Call 800.637.8170 to speak with one of the attorneys today about the accident that you were in and the legal options that you have.

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