McDonald’s Wasn’t Good Enough; Labrador Dog Bites Employee

McDonald’s worker Brandy Ramsey went to hand a customer his breakfast order at the drive thru window when a black Labrador lunged out the vehicle’s window and bit her pinkie finger. The dog must have mistaken the customer’s breakfast food as its breakfast food.

“I grabbed my hand and saw blood gushing out of my pinkie,” said Ramsey, who works at the Milan Road McDonald’s. “I screamed and he yelled at the dog.”

Ramsey ran to the sink to clean and address her wound and the customer drove off.

During police questioning, Ramsey told police the man was wearing a pullover with “Perkins High Basketball Coach” emblazoned on it.

“The only thing I’m upset about is that he didn’t even apologize,” she said. Ramsey later showed police the two puncture marks on her finger. She didn’t want to press charges and only wanted the incident documented.

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