Lawsuit Settlement Reached For Woman Injured In Ohio Bus Accident

One doesn’t need to be an experienced Ohio auto accident attorney to know that all motor vehicle collisions have the potential to be life-changing. However, one common trend noticed by the Charles Boyk Law Offices is that the larger the vehicles involved in the crash are, the higher chances are that those involved will sustain significant or fatal personal injury in the process.

Such are the circumstances surrounding a recent settlement for an Ohio bus accident that left one teenager seriously injured.

In December 2007, 24 year-old Ashley Reedy was injured in a crash involving a Greyhound Bus. During the trial, Reedy said that the Greyhound driver was using a cell phone while driving in icy conditions on an interstate highway. Just prior to collision, the bus driver braked as he approached a wreck that occurred on the highway, causing him to lose control of the bus. When the bus rolled over, Reedy suffered severe injuries to her head, neck, and back.

Reedy’s Ohio accident attorneys successfully proved during the trial that Greyhound hired an unqualified driver who was improperly trained–the bus driver involved in this incident received three speeding convictions shortly before being hired by the busing company. According to reports from law enforcement officials, the driver used his cell phone 17 times in the three hours before the accident.

Jurors awarded Reedy a total of $7 million – $2.2 million in damages and $4.8 in punitive damages, after finding that Greyhound and its driver were grossly negligent causing the crash.

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