Latest Injury & Fatality Statistics Released

The National Safety Council has released the latest injury and fatality statistics and trends. This report is referred to as the 2014 edition of Injury Facts ® and it reveals the largest threats to safety that Americans face.

The Injury Facts report details the statistics and trends surrounding safety across the U.S. and worldwide. This report is very trusted as it has been the National Safety Council’s go-to resource for safety statistics for more than 90 years.

Teen Distracted Driving Statistics

2014 Safety Statistics & Trends

Below are some of the more surprising statistics that are included in this year’s Injury Facts report.

  • Cell phone use is now thought to be involved in 26% of all motor vehicle accidents – an increase from 2013
  • It is estimated that 5% of accidents involve texting and 21% of accidents involve the driver talking on a cell phone (hands-free or hand-held)
  • The number of teen motor vehicle occupant deaths have decreased, but motor vehicle crashes are still the No. 1 cause of death for teens
  • Unintentional injuries cost more than $790 billion annually
  • The most costly workers’ compensation claims are those that involve injury to the head or central nervous system
  • In 2012, motor vehicle deaths were at their lowest in February and at their highest in July
  • The highest percentage of alcohol-impaired driving during the holiday period is the three-day period around New Year’s Day

Increasing Safety on the Roadway

The above statistics may be surprising to some. Our office’s goal is to spread awareness of the dangers of driving distracted, hopefully helping to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur due to cell phones. The goal has led us to publish several blog posts that outline the dangers and myths surrounding distracted driving and multitasking.

Read more about the surprising facts surrounding distracted driving.

For example, did you know that drivers who are on their cell phone talking while they are behind the wheel are four times more likely to be involved in an accident? While many individuals believe that texting while driving is the only distraction that occurs with a cell phone, they are wrong. Simply having a phone conversation takes the focus away from the road and drivers miss seeing up to 50% of their environment, including pedestrians and red lights.

Accidents Due to Cell Phone Use Distraction

If you have been involved in a crash due to someone else’s cell phone use and distraction, call our car accident lawyers at 800.637.8170. Our lawyers will be able to review the accident with you, go over the negligence that occurred on the other person’s fault, and recommend the proper legal steps for you to take. You can also request a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book for more information about the car accident lawsuit process.

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